Our first experiences with the concept of TM International were obtained in the start-up of Orange Negocios. Orange Negocios was a new Strategic Business Unit (SBU) focused on B2B customers.

TM International’s CEO defined the business plan, implemented it and lead Orange Negocios during three years obtaining a yearly revenue of 65 mio USD and double-digit growth on all KPIs. Orange Negocios had dedicated departments for Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Services, Technology and Application Development.

The application development department was started as an initiative between CEI-RD (Dominican Government entity focused on promoting export), RIM-Blackberry and Orange Dominicana. The key objectives were to build apps and promoting local ICT talent.

After the start-up, the team starting developing apps for all mobile operating platforms and built more than 50 apps, amongst others apps for mobile banking, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, monitoring water quality for the Ministery of Health in several countries. As a result of this, the team obtained the necessary experience to develop and commercialise apps.