TM International provides business development and international consultancy services. Our team has been starting-up and improving business activities and doing consultancy in Europe, Latin America and Asia in ICT and Internet-of-Things. We use in this technology, and especially mobile apps, ┬áthat we integrate with the existing ICT infrastructure to improve the customer’s business model and processes.


Our mission is to continuously delight our customer in a very pro-active, diverse, effective and professional way. Resulting in superior return and added value to our customers and stakeholders, having fun in the process!

Unique Selling Point

Our team has more than 50 years experience in multiple industries across 14 countries in Latam, Europe and Asia. Our core skills and experience are business development and start-ups: business administration, strategy, marketing, sales, distribution, retail, operations, logistics and technology. Our focus is on developing win-win relationships, leveraging our creativity and technologic knowledge with the customer’s potential. With our main office in the Dominican Republic and partners in the Americas and Europe, we are present in our main markets and can fully exploit our partner network.


The team has an optimal mix of competences: we have very experienced ICT/High tech business managers which have started-up and led multinationals and on the other best-of-breed developers with the knowledge of the leading platforms and have been in app development/internet since the beginning of it. Besides experience the team’s knowledge is certified and continuously updated by international titles of the best universities from Doctorates to Masters and specific courses.

Microsoft BizSpark member

TM International is member of Microsoft’s BizSpark Program: this program supports high-tech start-ups with software, development tools and technology to get in the Cloud.