TM International enables companies to use their smartphones and tablets as the hub for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) and our applications are the remote control for mobilising their business processes. We develop mobile applications so our customers can either increase their revenues, reduce their costs or reduce their time-to-market.

In our philosophy, the app is an integral part of the company’s business model.

Service Portfolio

TM International has an extensive service portfolio of functional modules which can be rapidly customised to meet specific needs. We have grouped them in key B2B functionalities and Marcom functionalities. Continuous interaction with customers and business partners ensures that this portfolio grows: if the customer needs something that does not yet exist, we develop it!

B2B functional modules:

  • GPS tracking: e.g. to be used for sales forces, transport, fleet management, security
  • Geolocation services: e.g. to be used for POS directories, routing, maps
  • Augmented reality: e.g. to be used to guide the user to a specific point with a superior user experience
  • Mobile government: e.g. mobile access to public services and databases
  • Mobile access to enterprise systems: e.g. real-time interaction with ERPs, CRMs, Inventory & sales orders, internet
  • Data collection: e.g. opinion surveys, site surveys

Marcom functional modules:

  • Sports: e.g. scores, news, baseball app
  • Events: e.g. logistic information, advertising
  • TV and radio streaming
  • Interaction with celebrities: e.g. artists, politicians
  • Advertising functionalities: e.g. splash pages, native adds, banners, push messages – all based on multiple triggers
  • Continuous interaction with the social networks

To ensure the best solution for the integral business process, TM International completes the app development with:

  • Expertise in mobilising business processes and service extension to the internet (hub for the IoT)
  • Web integration services with the customer’s business systems (ERP) or the Internet
  • Mobile marketing: the success of an app that will be used by the company’s customers only starts with the launch of the app. We make sure that customers afterwards continue to download the app and continue to use them
  • Support: we provide the 24/7 support when the app is operational and we ensure operability when operating systems changes (either mobile operating system or ERP)
  • Outsourcing / near shoring capability: we can develop mobile apps on demand for third parties

Key differentiators

Although we are a very young company, we have a team with a huge amount experience in application development, software development, marketing, general management and starting up businesses. Our key differentiators are:

  • Skilled professionals with development expertise in all operation systems: iOS, Android, Window, BB/BB10 and HTML5
  • International mobile app development experience for customers in LATAM, Europe and Africa
  • Integration expertise and experience with customers’ core systems / ERP / internet
  • Microsoft BizSpark Member
  • Expertise and experience in mobilising business processes and creating real IoT advantages
  • Capability to support the complete app life cycle management, including marketing and operational support
  • Very competitive pricing versus development in the USA or Europe